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Letter 6405

Bentham, George to Darwin, C. R.

[after 29 Sept 1868]

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    Asks CD to sign enclosed certificate first, as he does not know T. H. Farrer personally. [On top part of first two pages of a letter to Hooker from H. C. Rothery about Farrer's nomination for Linnean Society]


Oak Leigh | Sunninghill | Staines.

Sept. 29th 1868

My dear Darwin

Would you kindly put your name first to the enclosed as I do not know Mr Farrer personally.

yrs | G B

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    The date is established by the date of the enclosure.
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    Thomas Henry Farrer.
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    The enclosed letter was sent to Joseph Dalton Hooker by Henry Cadogan Rothery, who resided at Oak Leigh, Sunninghill, Berkshire (Post Office directory of Northamptonshire, etc. 1864). Rothery was a friend of Farrer's (see letter from T. H. Farrer, 17 September 1868), and a fellow of the Linnean Society (List of the Linnean Society of London, 1867).
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    Farrer was elected to the Linnean Society at the meeting of 21 January 1869; he was nominated by CD, Hooker, Rothery, Bentham, and Thomas Henry Huxley (Library of the Linnean Society). Frederick Currey was the botanical secretary of the Linnean Society, and Richard Kippist was the librarian (Gage and Stearn 1988).
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    Rothery refers to Farrer 1868 (`On the manner of fertilization of the scarlet runner and blue lobelia'), which was published in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History; the paper had two sections (see letter from T. H. Farrer, 17 September 1868 and n. 4). There is an annotated copy of Farrer 1868 in CD's collection of unbound journals in the Darwin Library--CUL.
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