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Letter 638

Darwin, C. R. to Strickland, H. E.

[11 Aug 1842]

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    Congratulates HES on producing an authoritative document [BAAS committee report on zoological nomenclature].

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    Has been to N. Wales looking at glacier traces described by W. Buckland, which are most interesting and clear. Has written an article on what he saw ["Ancient glaciers of Caernarvonshire" (1842), Collected papers 1: 163–71].


12 Upper Gower St


My dear Strickland

I have added my name to the list in the possession of Waterhouse & I read over the additions &c of all of which I highly approve— I return you the enclosed as it is more likely to be of use to you than to me. I congratulate you on having finished a very disinterested and at same time vexatious work. Waterhouse & myself were both saying how very useful we should often have found such an authorative document

I had a very pleasant little trip in N. Wales looking at Bucklands descriptions of the glacier-work & most interesting & clear the appearances are. I have sent a little notice of what I saw to Taylor's Phil. Journal.— I hope you are at work at geology.—

With my best wishes for permanent good from your nomenclature-report. Believe me. Yours very truly, | C. Darwin.—

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    Richard Taylor was editor of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, in which CD's article was published (21 (1842): 180–8).
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