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Letter 6367

Darwin, C. R. to Hinrichs, G. D.

16 Sept 1868

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    Acknowledges letter of 31 August and various works. Regrets he is unable to help GH with his works but will seek to interest Tyndall. Discourages GH on prospect of publication of his new book in England.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

Sep 16 1868

Dear Sir

I am much obliged for your letter of Aug 31. & for your various works received safely.

Although much obliged for your kindness, I am sorry that you have sent your works to me, as, though with the best will to aid you, I have not the power. I am much out of health, never attend scientific meetings, rarely go to London & seldom see any scientific men.

I believe Prof. Tyndall is not now in London, but towards the end of the month I will write to him & endeavour to interest him in your publications. He will I dare say distribute some of your circulars & I will send off some others. With respect to the publication of your new book in England & receiving profit from it, I feel sure that, until your name is generally known, it is entirely out of the question. I feel sure of this from my communications in similar cases with Mr Murray

I wish I could be of more use to you but this under my circumstances is impossible.

I can only wish you success & remain dear Sir | yours faithfully | Ch. Darwin

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    See letter from G. D. Hinrichs, 31 August 1868 and n. 7.
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    John Tyndall had worked for many years in Germany and published papers in German on the magneto-optic properties of crystals (ODNB); in his letter of [before 13 August 1868], Hinrichs mentioned having the support of crystallographers.
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    f3 6367.f3
    See letter from G. D. Hinrichs, 31 August 1868.
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    John Murray was CD's publisher.
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