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Letter 6348

Hance, H. F. to Darwin, C. R.

3 Sept 1868

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    Sends CD an article [missing] on the early domestication and culture of the goldfish.


British Vice Consulate, | Whampoa, China,

3. Sept. 1868.

Dear Sir,

Feeling sure you will be gratified to obtain any reliable information or facts bearing on the domestication of animals as affecting change of form and producing varieties, I beg to forward, under a separate cover, a copy of the last no: of a very interesting little periodical published at HongKong, in which, in reply to a query I inserted after reading your section on Gold Fish, you will find the early domestication and `culture' of these animals distinctly asserted, from Chinese literary sources.

In cases where you might desire information on Chinese matters, and the early & unbroken civilisation of the nation would, I imagine, render their testimony in regard to domesticated animals & plants of peculiar value in your laborious & wonderful researches, I think you might find it well to make use of this journal as a medium of inquiry.

I am, | Dear Sir, | Yours faithfully | H. F. Hance.

Charles Darwin, Esqre.

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    CD discussed goldfish in Variation 1: 296--7. Hance sent CD the August 1868 issue of Notes and Queries in China and Japan vol. 2; the note, `Gold fish cultivation', by William Frederick Mayers, Canton, appeared on pp. 123--4. These two pages are in the Darwin Archive--CUL (DAR 193: 55), and are annotated. Hance's query appeared on page 55 of the April 1868 issue. In Variation 2d ed., 1: 312, CD quoted Mayers's reply. CD also included some of Mayers's information in Descent 2: 17 n. 26. No further correspondence with Hance has been found.
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    There is no evidence that CD again used Notes and Queries in China and Japan.
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