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Letter 6332

Darwin, C. R. to Koch, Eduard

27 Aug 1868

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    Would like to see reviews of book [Variation].

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    Health has lately been indifferent.

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    Cannot at present pledge to give [EK?] translation rights to next book.


I certainly should much like to see any reviews of my book, especially of the 2nd volume, & […] I should be grateful if you would send me any of the best, either favorable or unfavorable.

My health has lately been indifferent & I have made but small progress in my next book, which will not be of large size. I do not suppose it will be finished for a year. When ready I will communicate with you, but cannot at present pledge myself to give you the right of translation[…]

Ch. Darwin

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    The address (Down) and the date are given in the sale catalogue.
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    CD refers to the German translation of Variation (Carus trans. 1868). Koch was the manager of E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, the publisher of the translation. See letter from Eduard Koch, 21 July 1868.
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    f3 6332.f3
    The next book published by CD was Descent, a two-volume work, in 1871. The German translation was made by Julius Victor Carus and published by Schweizerbart (Carus trans. 1871).
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    The original letter is complete; the catalogue entry does not mention how many pages long it is.
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