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Letter 6320

Darwin, C. R. to Müller, J. F. T.

17 Aug 1868

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    FM's additions for English edition [1869] of Für Darwin.

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    Dimorphic plants.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E. [Freshwater]

Aug 17— 1868

My dear Sir

I have received your letter of June 17th & am much obliged for it. I am glad that you have sent the additional discussion on the primordial form of insects & have this day forwarded it to Mr Dallas, together with your remarks on the title. I feel sure however that Murray wd object to so unusual a word as Carcinology. I have not heard lately what progress Mr Dallas has made. With respect to profits I fear it is a case of cooking the hare before it is caught, but I have no claim whatever to them. Very many thanks for the dried dimorphic flowers; they seem to offer a grand case, & whenever I come to this subject again I will see whether Hooker can name the genus. In a former letter you told me that you suspected that some water plant (name forgotten) was trimorphic; I shd like some time to hear about this. Also hereafter about Escholzia. Your case of the Marantaceous plant seems extremely curious & I hope you will investigate it & write a little paper on the subject. Thanks also for the many & curious facts about the coloured & attached seeds; such cases seem quite common with you.

I am astonished about the Wulffia; what a puzzle it is how a pappus cd have been converted into an attractive berry; that is if the calyx is the part which has been modified.

My health has been very indifferent for the last 2 months & I have had to stop my work on sexual selection; & have observed nothing & done nothing of late. I am writing this by the sea side, but shall return home in a few days & then I must try if I can do any thing.

With cordial thanks for your letter which like all the others has interested me much I remain my dear Sir | yours very sincerely | Charles Darwin

If ever you form any opinion whether against or for Pangenesis, pray let me hear, as I value greatly your judgment.—

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    f1 6320.f1
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 17 June 1868. William Sweetland Dallas was translating Müller's Für Darwin (F. Müller 1864); John Murray was the publisher.
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    f2 6320.f2
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 17 June 1868.
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    f3 6320.f3
    CD refers to Joseph Dalton Hooker. The specimens have not been identified.
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    f4 6320.f4
    CD refers to Pontederia aquatica (now Eichhornia azurea, the anchored water hyacinth; see letter from Fritz Müller, 31 October 1868). Müller discussed P. aquatica in a missing portion of an 1866 letter (see Correspondence vol. 14, letter from Fritz Müller, [2 November 1866], n. 16). Müller published on Pontederia in F. Müller 1871.
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    f5 6320.f5
    Eschscholtzia californica. See letter from Fritz Müller, 17 June 1868 and n. 6.
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    f6 6320.f6
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 17 June 1868.
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    f7 6320.f7
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 17 June 1868 and n. 10.
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    f8 6320.f8
    The Darwins stayed at Freshwater on the Isle of Wight from 17 July to 20 August 1868 (Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242)).
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    f9 6320.f9
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 22 April 1868. For CD's hypothesis of pangenesis, see Variation 2: 357--404.
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