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Letter 63

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

[23 Apr 1829]

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    CD's sister Catherine has informed him of the death of WDF's sister [Mrs Bristowe]. CD sends sympathy to WDF and his parents, and refers to the pure and holy comfort afforded by the Bible.



My dear Fox

I have delayed answering your last letter for these few days, as I thought that under such melancholy circumstances my writing to you would be probably only giving you trouble.—

This morning I received a letter from Catherine informing me of that event, which indeed from your letter I had hardly dared to hope would have happened otherwise.— I feel most sincerely & deeply for you & all your family: But at the same time, as far as anyone can, by his own good principles & religion be supported under such a misfortune, you, I am assured, well know where to look for such support. And after so pure & holy a comfort as the Bible affords, I am equally assured how useless the sympathy of all friends must appear, although it be as heartfelt & sincere, as I hope you believe me capable of feeling.—

At such a time of deep distress, I will say nothing more, excepting that I trust your father & Mrs. Fox bear this blow as well as under such circumstances can be hoped for.—

I am afraid it will be a long time, my dear Fox, before we meet. till then believe me, at all times | Yours most affectionately | Charles Darwin *S 2


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    f1 63.f1
    Fox's sister, Mary Ann Bristowe, died 19 April 1829.
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