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Letter 629

Darwin, C. R. to Jenyns, Leonard

[9 May 1842]

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    Is sending fish skins and bottles off to Cambridge Philosophical Society.

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    Fish numbers [of Zoology], now finished, give CD satisfaction when he doubts whether he ought to have applied for Government money.

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    Wishes Thomas Bell would finish his part [Reptiles].

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    CD has just corrected last page of index of Coral reefs.


12 Upper Gower

Monday Morning

Dear Jenyns

I am sorry about the mistake of the Fish-numbers— I have been to Smith & Elder & they apologise for their mistake & will send them off immediately— I hope you will not have to write again— I have sent off per Waggon, (Carr Paid) the fish-skins & all the bottles carefully packed up, directed to Mr Crouch Phil. Soc. Cambridge.—

You must feel lightened of no inconsiderable load, having finished the Fish— I was looking at the last number yesterday— what a mass of matter there is in it!— The conviction I feel that your Part is real good work, I assure you, is a very great satisfaction to me often-times, when I doubt whether I ought to have applied to the Government for money. I wish I could get Bell to complete his Part, the Publishers will then try & push the sale at home & abroad.—

Farewell. | Yours most truly | C. Darwin.

I leave London in about a week or 10 days—my wife & children have already left.—

I have just finished correcting the last Page of Index of my small volume on Coral Reefs, wh. rejoices the inward cores of my heart

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    f1 629.f1
    The fourth and final number of Fish had been published in April.
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    f2 629.f2
    Curator of the Library of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (A. R. Hall 1969, p. 24). The specimens are now in the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology.
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    f3 629.f3
    Reptiles, the final part of Zoology, was not completed until the following year (1843).
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    f4 629.f4
    CD's Account Book (Down House MS) entry for 3 May 1842 reads: ‘Hall for making index 9s’. He completed the proofs of Coral reefs on 6 May and left for Maer on 18 May (‘Journal’; Correspondence vol. 2, Appendix II).
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