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Letter 6283

Huxley, T. H. to Darwin, C. R.

20 July 1868

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    Prof. Kühne would like to visit CD.


July 20th | 1868

My dear Darwin

Kühne, Professor of Physiology, (and a monstrous clever fellow) has just been to see me, and he wants to know whether there is any possibility of his paying his devotions at the Shrine of Dr. Darwin.

I have told him that that great Saint though always kind to worshippers is not always in a condition to be worshipped— In fact that the best incense occasionally gives him a sick headache

However I promised to make inquiries & let Kühne know

Tell me what I shall say, if you do not care to see him— If you do his address is 37 Baker St,—unless you prefer to retain me as medium


T H Huxley

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    Wilhelm Friedrich Kühne.
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