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Letter 628

Darwin, C. R. to Herbert, M. A.

[5 May 1842]

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    Acknowledges Mrs H's disappointing answer to his quest for a house in the country. Five miles from a railway station is "the length of my tether".


12 Upper Gower St


My dear Mrs Herbert

I am very much obliged to you for so quickly sending me Mr Mears answer— it has destroyed some pleasant castles in airs—but house-hunters are doomed to suffer the greatest misfortunes & ought to be the most patient of men.— It is very obliging of Mr Mears' being willing to bear my wishes regarding a house in mind.— Should Herbert chance to have any further communication, it would be worth while to inform him, that I consider five miles from a Railway Station as the length of my tether.

With many thanks believe me dear Mrs Herbert | Yours very truly | C. Darwin

My wife left me on Tuesday with children for Staffordshire so that in the language of Boz I am a widow & an orphan.

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    On Tuesday, 3 May 1842, Emma travelled to Maer (see Emma Darwin (1904) 2: 36).
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    Charles Dickens' Sketches by ‘Boz’.
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