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Letter 6242

Darwin, C. R. to Innes, J. B.

15 June [1868]

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    CD writes in detail about difficulties with Horsman's financial accounts and the affairs of the parish.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

June 15

Dear Innes

Many thanks for your letter which I have been very glad to receive. I was sure that you wd feel much annoyment with respect to Mr Horsman's conduct in your parish. About the Sunday School affairs I know nothing.

On June 2 Mr H. wrote to me a foolish letter, in which he said he believed that he held some balance on the school account. I wrote immediately in answer asking him to send me a cheque for the amount together with all accounts & documents relating to the school. I told him that on their receipt I wd send him a formal acknowledgment; but I have not heard a word from him since. The accounts of the Nat. school were audited up to Dec 31. 1867, & Mr H. has a balance in hand of £8—4—10; but this balance I now find includes the childrens pence deposits for a large portion of 67. Mr H. has recd no money this year from the schoolmaster; nor, as far as I can hear, has he paid any thing; for the schoolmaster was not paid for last quarter, & now a second qr will soon be due, both of which I will advance.

I have also advanced today £9—19—2 for children's deposit with interest. Mr H. says he has not received interest on trust money from Sir J. Lubbock; to whom I will write in a few days to enquire whether any funds have been paid or are due to us. I do not think Mr H. can have recd any subscriptions for either school during this year. He owes, I am told some few bills in the village. There is one more serious matter; he was curiously anxious to get up a subscription for the new organ & some of the Lubbocks have suggested that he may have pocketed the money & never paid for it. No one seems to know what the organ really cost. I do not know whether it wd make one liable or whether it wd be a proper step to write to Messrs Bryceson 34 Brook St. Euston Road. N.W to enquire. Mr H. almost entirely neglected the school & considerable repairs were found necessary so that I fear the school account will be in a bad way. I have written all these details as I thought you wd like to know exactly how the affairs of the Nat. School stand.

I much hope that you may succeed soon in arranging that some clergyman shd have permanent charge of this parish. I am much obliged for your offer with respect to the purchase of the advowson, but it wd not be in my way.— I am sincerely grieved that you should have all this annoyment & trouble about this Parish. Certainly it will be good thing for everybody & for the character of the Church to get rid of Mr Horsman.

I almost think he is more an utter fool than knave.— The schoolmaster said he sent him a cheque signed, but left blank to be filled up, to any amount, which was an insane proceeding if he had any money at his Bank; but the next day he wrote to the Schoolmaster retracting the permission to fill up the cheque.—

Should I hear from Sir John L. that he has paid any interest on Trust, during current year, I will let you know.—

Believe me, Dear Innes | Yours very sincerely | C. Darwin

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    f1 6242.f1
    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from J. B. Innes, 13 June 1868.
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    f2 6242.f2
    See letter from J. B. Innes, 13 June 1868. CD refers to Samuel James O'Hara Horsman.
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    f3 6242.f3
    See letter from S. J. O'H. Horsman, 2 June [1868], and letter to S. J. O'H. Horsman, 3 June 1868.
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    f4 6242.f4
    The National School for boys at Down.
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    f5 6242.f5
    The master of the National School was Charles Pearson (Post Office directory of the six home counties 1870; CD's Account books--cash account (Down House MS)).
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    f6 6242.f6
    This amount appears in CD's Account books--banking account and cash account (Down House MSS) as paid to Pearson on 15 June 1868.
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    f7 6242.f7
    See letter to John Lubbock, 15 June [1868].
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    f8 6242.f8
    Bryceson Brothers & Co. had premises at 34 Brook Street, Euston Road, London; in 1868, their street address was altered to 4 Stanhope Street, Euston Road (Post Office London directory 1867, 1868).
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