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Letter 6237

Bullar, Rosa to Darwin, C. R.

9 June 1868

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    Reports case of black retriever that always burrows in earth before giving birth and keeps pups in hole thereafter. CD's book says this habit rare.


Mrs. Bullar thinks Mr. Darwin may like to hear that a <    > black retriever <    > her daughter's al<ways> burrows before she has her puppies altho she has a comfortable kennel & plenty of hay given to her & she always keeps them in the hole she makes for some time tho in bad weather she has allowed herself & pup<pies to> be moved into the kennel after a few days—

Mrs Bullar writes this in <co>nsequence of seeing the<se> facts noticed in Mr. Darwin's very interesting book as of rare occurrence— if Mr. Darwin cared to see the dog or hear more about it Mrs. Bullar would be happy to let him know when she was likely to burrow again—

Bassett Wood— | Southampt<on>

9th. June 1868—

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    Probably either Anne Mary or Edith Penelope Bullar.
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    In Variation 1: 27--8, CD commented that feral dogs in La Plata (Argentina), like wolves and jackals, burrowed holes for their young, as did a half-bred dingo reared in England. CD did not add to this section of Variation in the second edition.
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