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Letter 620

Darwin, C. R. to Strickland, H. E.

[19 Feb 1842]

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    CD saw Andrew Smith, who is interested in the subject [of zoological nomenclature], but CD thinks he differs from HES on some points. Sends Smith's address.


My dear Strickland

I saw Dr Andrew Smith yesterday. I find he has long felt great interest on the subject of your paper, —though from the little conversation I had with him (not being very well myself) he differs on some points from you.— Some years ago he talked with Owen & Yarrell, about the possibility of doing what you are about.— He is, as you know, working on all orders of Vertebrata, & is a thoroughily good fellow.—

If you choose to communicate with him his direction is “Fort Pitt Chatham”.—

Yours very truly | C. Darwin

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    f1 620.f1
    Strickland's draft of a report to the British Association on the reform of zoological nomenclature. See letter to Hugh Edwin Strickland, 17 February [1842], n. 1.
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