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Letter 6158

Blyth, Edward to Darwin, C. R.

3 May 1868

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    Reports another case of syndactylism.


7 Princess Terrace, | Regents Park,

May 3/68—

My dear Sir,

As I was returning to town yesterday after a week's sojourn in Wilts, I saw in the train the Star newspaper, giving an account of the capture of a Greek brigand chieftain, who was at once recognised by the peculiarity of having the fore and middle fingers of both hands joined together. As this bears upon what I wrote to you about some time ago, it may be worth while calling your attention to the statement.

Yours very truly, | E Blyth

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    The newspaper and the brigand have not been identified. See letter from Edward Blyth, [3 April 1868].
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