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Letter 614

Darwin, C. R. to Jenyns, Leonard

[13? Jan 1842]

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    CD is pleased with LJ's introduction [to Fish]. He rejoices that he persuaded LJ to undertake this work.


12 Up. Gower St


My dear Jenyns

I have read over your introduction & like it very much — it is full & quite satisfactory & will tell every one what to expect.— I sincerely rejoice I persuaded you to undertake this department—although it has cost you a deal of trouble— it has produced some good stirling work, and I am very glad I took the much smaller trouble of collecting the specimens—which is almost more than I can say for some parts of my collection.—

The printer shall send proofs with the M.S. of single sheets direct to you, & you shall return them direct to him & I will see your corrections inserted in the revise & should I have anything to remark can send the revise to you.— The Printer's address is

“Mrss: Stewart & Murray

Green Arbour Court

Old Bayley”

I will write to Mr Hawkins tomorrow & find out how he is going on, & will in course of few days have the outlines sent to you.—

How unfortunate it has been your unwellness this week— I sincerely hope you are better to day—though it is a wretched day & I do not expect to hear, that you have been able to reach Mr Hawkins house.

Believe me | Your's Most truly | C. Darwin

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    f1 614.f1
    Jenyns' introduction to Fish is dated 8 January 1842.
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    f2 614.f2
    Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, who executed the plates for Fish.
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