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Letter 612

Darwin, C. R. & Bunbury, C. J. F. & Aikin, Arthur & Greenough, G. B. to Council, Geological Society of London (Geological Society of London)

[before 6 Dec 1841]

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    Committee suggests Council resolve to have William Lonsdale pack away non-fossil specimens from S. America and volcanic islands of the Atlantic [signed G. B. Greenough, A. Aiken, C. Darwin, C. J. F. Bunbury].


The Museum Committee appointed at the Meeting of Council on the 1st instant, having taken into consideration the subject referred to them beg to recommend to the adoption of the Council the following resolution viz that Mr Lonsdale be empowered at his discretion to pack away in Boxes according to the plan suggested by himself those specimens in the foreign Collection (not being fossils) which have been collected in S. America, & in the volcanic Islands of the Atlantic ocean:—

G. B. Greenough. | Ar Aiken | C. Darwin | CJF Bunbury

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    This report of the Museum Committee was read at the Council Meeting of 6 December 1841.
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