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Letter 611

Darwin, C. R. to Jenyns, Leonard

[Nov 1841]

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    Details regarding volume on Fish.

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    Sends notes on Diodon.

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    Must give up attending Geological Society evening meetings; knocks him up.



Dear Jenyns

I was delighted to receive your note.— You are the most punctual & faithful of men.— I wish I could pay the same compliment to our good friend Bell.— He is, however, at work & was certain a short time since he would have a number out before yours.— I have hopes he will soon be ready, though I do not at all expect before yours.—

With respect to the number of Plates, shall you think me very stingy, if I limit you to five or six— the money has gone at a quicker rate than I anticipated, so I hope this will content you—

You will find in my Journal p. 13 & 14 some account of the habits of the Diodon (Nor 132) —& I send the notes, I made at the time, which very briefly relate to colour.— You can extract shorten, & alter anything you think worthy of insertion.— I would have corrected a copy, but I really do not know whether any, or how much, is worth repeating.— Please use your own judgment.— & bring with you, when you come to town, the three original pages of notes.

I am very glad to hear you have been better this summer.— I have gained much strength, & have been twice to the Geological evening meetings—but I find I must give them up, as I must remain quiet in the evenings, or be utterly knocked up next day, which is a very great bore.

Goodbye my dear Jenyns | Ever yours | C. Darwin
12 Up. Gower St.—

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    f1 611.f1
    The final number of Fish (No. 4) was published in April 1842. Bell's first number of Reptiles was published in August 1842 (Freeman 1977, p. 30).
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    f2 611.f2
    Eventually there were nine plates in Fish, No. 4, which, with an appendix, came to more than double the number of pages of the others.
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    f3 611.f3
    Three species of Diodon are described in Fish, No. 4, pp. 150–1.
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    f4 611.f4
    The three pages of notes made during the Beagle voyage are preserved in DAR 30.1: 22–4.
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