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Letter 610

Darwin, R. W. to Darwin, C. R.

18 Oct 1841

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    The family gardener reports on seeds he has gathered. RWD transmits the letter.



I have gather the seed Peas but i dount see heney new kinds at all in them as the came up true to the sorts the Woodford Peas is Mildew i have all the sorts by themselves


I have not gather all the seed of the Beans & I think the [ fan] bean is in Clind to be a Mule for some of the seeds are tinge with green on the Edges


I gather a Little thyme seed but it is verrey Poor the wet as been against it ripeing But i have cut some of the flowers to dry & verrey Liklea thear might be some seeds in it

the Cucumber that the insects carred Pollen tou i have cut oppen but not one seed was in it the Horther that I dusted with the Pollen had plenty of seeds in it

I have tow moore furit which the insects have dust with Pollen as soon Sir that the are Redy i will Let you hear about them

Abberly has just given me the above letter to read and as he is busy I told him he had not make any conclusion as I would direct it for him. he has something more to say, but it shall be added to some letter of your sisters.

Your affecti— father | R W D
18 Oct 41

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    f1 610.f1
    In CD's Account Book (Down House MS) for 19 July 1841, Abberley is listed together with other members of the household staff at The Mount.
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    f2 610.f2
    In his Questions & experiments notebook CD has ‘Get Abberley to plant single Peas, Kidney Bean & Bean, intertwined, *without sticks [interl]—in reference to what Mr Herbert observe on this subject—’ (DAR 206: 11). There are further references to Abberley on pp. 10a, 14.
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