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Letter 608F

Owen, Richard to Darwin, C. R.

[17 Sept 1841?]

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    CD and [Emma Darwin] are invited to "a holiday musical evening".


6, Park Cottages, Park Village East.


Dear Darwin,

In the possible event of your being from home I write to say that I shall have a holiday musical evening tonight, and that if you & Mrs. Darwin will join us—we have tea at 127—it will add to our pleasure very much.

Ever your's, | Rd. Owen.

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    The date is conjectured from the address, and from Owen's reference to a `holiday musical evening' (see n. 2, below). Owen is recorded in the Royal blue book as residing at this address from 1840 to 1842.
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    On 8 September 1841, Owen wrote to William Clift that he hoped that Clift would come to dinner `at No. 6 Park Cottages' on 12 September, following Owen's return from holiday on 11 September. He promised: `a long and most delightful tour through Cornwall will be re-performed, with innumerable and most rare adventures by land, rock, mine, and sea; and the characters of divers amiable and hospitable friends will be portrayed' (R. S. Owen 1894, 1: 187). It is probable that Owen performed other holiday entertainments during this period. Owen's biographer records: `About this time Owen and his wife saw a good deal of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin' (ibid., p. 188). In 1841, the first Friday after 12 September was 17 September.
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