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Letter 6034

Darwin, C. R. to Moulinié, J. J.

21 Mar [1868]

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    Corrects error in spelling of name [in Variation].


Down, Bromley Kent [4 Chester Place]

March 21

My dear Sir

Victor Carus has detected a sad error in a French name, viz I have spelt. (Vol. 2 p. 282, 283 & foot-note p. 284) the name Lacaze-Duthiers, as if it was Lucaze— You will probably have detected my error.—

My dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | Ch. Darwin

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from J. V. Carus, 17 March 1868.
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    See letter from J. V. Carus, 17 March 1868 and n. 2.
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