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Letter 6029

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

20 Mar 1868

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    Asks for CD's "candid criticisms" of his paper [on Variation].


St John's Parsonage | St Johnswood | N.W.

March 20/68

My dear Sir

May I venture to ask you to give me your candid criticisms on any point you may think fit, in the article of mine in ``Natural Theology'', in the accompanying number of the Educational Times?

I have contemplated reprinting it in an enlarged form, but should be very glad if I can secure a few criticisms first: that I may endeavour to correct wherever it may appear that my reasoning is unsound. I may add that having my ``belief'' on Probabilities; I firmly ``believe'' in Evolution myself: & my wish is to endeavour—though I fear I am not equal to the task—to prove the argument of Nat: theology to be as sound, if not sounder on that Hypothesis as upon the old Creative one.

yrs very faithfully | George Henslow

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    The enclosure has not been found, but Henslow refers to a paper, `Natural theology, considered in reference to its present position', read in November 1867 at a meeting of the College of Preceptors and published in the March 1868 issue of the Educational Times (Henslow 1867).
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    Henslow later produced an expanded version of his article, which was published in Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute (Henslow 1871). CD's pre-publication copy of the article is in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection--CUL.
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