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Letter 6008

Darwin, C. R. to Wrigley, Alfred

[after 12 Mar 1868]

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    Assures AW he has not hurt Horace's feelings. CD has always been doubtful about a private tutor for Horace. Fears a letter [giving notice of removal] was lost in the post.


I hope you will ex my writing thus again. Horace has never said or hinted it to me rest???? assured???? that you had hurt his feelings in any way; on the contrary I remember that he distinctly said that you had been very kind in attending to him & had brought him on much in studying????.— I do not ???? ???? understand for his disposition is rather reserved & peculiar???? why he wishes to leave school; but the wish has been persistent & I have always followed, hitherto with ???? my sons wishes. I freely own I have always felt doubtful about a private tutor for him— And this leads me to add, that I remember making a similar remark together with the 2 other sentences quoted before, in my letter to you, which no doubt was lost by the post-off. Mrs D. also believes that she remembers my writing shortly before the Boys return.— I hope that you will believe that I did write for it wd have been an unpardonable rudery???? not to have written a second note, in addition???? to that which you enclosed earlier????, before removing my son— This note requires no acknowledgment & is written only for my own satisfaction

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    f1 6008.f1
    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Alfred Wrigley, 12 March 1868.
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    f2 6008.f2
    See letter to Alfred Wrigley, 11 March [1868].
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    f3 6008.f3
    See letter from Alfred Wrigley, 12 March 1868. CD refers to Horace Darwin.
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    f4 6008.f4
    CD evidently refers to the return of Leonard and Horace Darwin from Clapham Grammar School for the Christmas holiday in 1867.
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    f5 6008.f5
    See letter from Alfred Wrigley, 9 March 1868 and n. 1.
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