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Letter 597

Darwin, C. R. to Lonsdale, William

14 Apr [1841]

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    Sends paper on erratic boulders [Collected papers 1: 145–63] to the Society. Has taken two months to complete it because of illness.


12 Up. Gower St

April 14th

My dear Lonsdale

I send you the accompanying paper for the disposal of the Society.— It is not so long as it looks, from the largeness of copyist's hand & width of lines.—

I have sent two or three foot notes on separate pages.—

I believe you look over Papers before they are read, so will be able to decide what maps are required to illustrate it.— I should think a rough outline in large of Eastern parts of Tierra del Fuego & Chiloe ?? would be advantageous— I send you two maps (for no old ones are accurate) which will you please take care of, when you have looked over my paper— I hope to improve the English, should it be ordered to be printed, & perhaps curtail it, but I thought I would give my facts in detail, as no boulders have been described in any part of S. Hemisphere.—

It has been the work of such hours, as I have been well enough during two last months!— Will you be so kind as to write me a line whenever it is to be read, as although I shall not be able to attend myself, I will get my cousin to be present to tell me whether there is any speaking on the subject.—

My dear Lonsdale | Most truly Your's | C. Darwin

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    ‘On the distribution of the erratic boulders and on the contemporaneous unstratified deposits of South America’, Collected papers 1: 145–63. The paper was read on 5 May 1841 (Proceedings of the Geological Society 3 (1842): 425). The Transactions of the Geological Society 2d ser. 6 (1842), erroneously gives 14 April 1841 as the date.
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