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Letter 596

Jenyns, Leonard to Darwin, C. R.

[30? Mar 1841]

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    LJ has had a letter from R. T. Lowe in Madeira who thinks Scorpaena histrio, a species from Galapagos described in no. 1 [of Fish], is the same as the one in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. LJ does not think it is possible.


time of his lecturing at Cambridge. I suppose I may remain there a month; & I hope to receive much benefit from the change,—tho' I fear < >

< > Very Sinly Your's | L. Jenyns—

P.S. I had a letter the other day from Lowe of Madeira who thinks that the Scorpæna Histrio figd in No. 1. & from the Galapagos is the same as one found in the Mediterranean & about him in Atlantic: the two species are very nearly allied I grant, but I can hardly think it possible for them to be the same.

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    Dated from a letter of 8 March 1841 to Jenyns from Richard Lowe and stamped at Newmarket, 28 March 1841 (Bath Reference Library, Jenyns papers, ‘Letters of naturalists 1817–76’, Quarto vol. 2: 23(5)). Lowe was writing A history of the fishes of Madeira (Lowe 1843[–60]).
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    Fish, p. 35, Plate 8.
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