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Letter 588

Fox, W. D. to Darwin, C. R.

[1 June 1846]

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    Hybrid geese.


with creatures of all kinds. The Geese decidedly take more after the Swan Goose Gander than the common mother.

Pray remember me most kindly to Mrs Darwin— Remind the children that they have a cousin & Believe me— Ever yours affecly W D Fox

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    The date is provided by a slip in DAR 205.7 (2): 209, headed `W. D. Fox, 1 June 1846', in which CD noted the details of the crosses mentioned in the letter. CD had several years earlier asked Fox for information on geese hybrids. See Correspondence vol. 2, letter from W. D. Fox, [c. November 1838].
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    In his species book, in a discussion of the hybrids of different breeds of geese, CD stated that `the Rev W. D. Fox informs me that in some other hybrids which he had seen there was considerable diversity in the degree of resemblance to either parent goose.' (Natural selection, p. 453).
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