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Letter 5847

Dallas, W. S. to Darwin, C. R.

6 Feb 1868

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    Forwards a letter from Secretary of Yorkshire Philosophical Society. Hopes CD will honour them by accepting.

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    Has heard nothing of Variation.


Yorkshire Philosophical Society | York

6 February 1868.

My dear Sir

The Hon. Secretary of the Y.P.S. sent me the enclosed letter to forward to you as he did not know your address.— I hope you will honour us by accepting the position.—

I am so much out of the world here that I have neither seen nor heard anything of your book, but I suppose it has been cast upon the waters long since.— I have heard nothing yet from Mr. Murray.—

Believe me | Your's always truly | W. S. Dallas.

C. Darwin Esq. F.R.S.

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    The enclosure has not been found. The Yorkshire Philosophical Society had elected CD an honorary member (see letter to the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, 8 February [1868]). Dallas was curator of the society's museum (Modern English biography).
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    Dallas had compiled the index for Variation, which was published by John Murray on 30 January 1868 (CD's `Journal' (Correspondence vol. 16, Appendix II)). Dallas had been hoping to receive more money from Murray than had originally been agreed (see letter from W. S. Dallas, 15 January 1868).
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