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Letter 5797

Pritchard, Charles to Darwin, C. R.

24 Jan 1868

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    Congratulations on success of CD's son [George].


My dear Mr Darwin,

Accept my most hearty congratulations on your Son's grand Success. Your delight & that of Mrs Darwin must indeed be enviably great.

Omnes omnia bona dicere. May your Son's entire career be after the model of this beginning

Believe me | My dear Mr Darwin | Yours sincerely | C. Pritchard

Jan 24. 1868 | Cambridge

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    See letter to G. H. Darwin, 24 January [1868] and n. 2.
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    The quotation is from Terence's The woman of Andros. The full quotation reads, `omnes omnia bona dicere et laudere fortunas meas, qui gnatum haberem tali ingenio praeditum.' It may be translated, `Everyone spoke well of him, and they congratulated me on my good fortune in having a son endowed with such a disposition.' (Terence 2001, pp. 58--9.)
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