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Letter 5783

Darwin, C. R. to Dallas, W. S.

[14 Jan 1868]

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    CD was frustrated by the delay [in producing index for Variation], but was quite mollified by WSD's note; is sorry the work turned out so badly for him.



My dear Sir

I shd have a very bad heart, as hard as stone, if it were not quite mollified by your note.— But you will own that it was vexatious to have my book delayed six weeks, after such an effort as I made to finish it, at great risk to the little health which I possess.— Ill luck to the Book it is not worth its cost. Why the Publisher is [to] Publish I can [illeg] And now I am more sorry for you than for myself, as the work has turned out so bad for you.— I hope sincerely we may sometime meet for I have long entertained much respect for all the invaluable services you have conferred on natural History—


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    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from W. S. Dallas, 15 January 1868.
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    See letter from W. S. Dallas, 8 January 1868.
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    On the delay in finishing the index of Variation, see the letter to J. D. Hooker, 6 January [1868] and n. 11.
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    The publisher of Variation was John Murray.
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