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Letter 575

Darwin, S. E. to Darwin, C. R.

[22 July 1840]

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    Reference to W. Smellie's Natural history [1791] requested by CD.



– that makes her so uncomfortable.—

Catty is going to the Library & will answer yr questions at the end. We will take no notice about poor John of course.—

Goodbye | Dear Charly | Ever Yr affecte. S E D.

They have got the Measles at Overton, & Franky is very poorly.

Smellie's History of Natural Philosophy 1st Vol.— published in 1790. Edinburgh. Printed for the Heirs of Charles Elliot & C. Elliot, & T. Kay. T Cadell & G. G. & J. J. Robinson—London. 1st Edition—Pages 517. 2d Vol. published in 1799. by the late W. Smellie. Printed for Bell & Bradfute. W. Creech E. Balfour & Robinson, Paternoster Row

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    Francis Parker.
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    The correct title is The philosophy of natural history (Smellie 1790–9). CD may have been interested in Smellie's arguments against the idea of sexual reproduction in plants (Smellie 1790–9, 1: 245–63). CD's record of his reading (DAR 119) shows that he had read volume 1 by 24 May 1842 (Vorzimmer 1977, p. 129). His copy in Darwin Library–CUL is annotated.
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