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Letter 5736

Holland, Henry to Darwin, C. R.

21 Dec [1867]

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    Has received a copy of an attack on CD ["Darwinian theory examined"] from the author, but does not know who it is.


Brook Street Decr 21 My dear Charles

The pages I enclose will probably interest you. They are taken from the proceedings of the Manchester Phil. Society, which I received this morning; It is now perhaps the best of the Provincial Scientific bodies. I have been a Member of it, for very nearly 60 years.

I received a few days ago a copy of the attack upon you from the Author; This gives me no clue whatever to his name or nature. The nearest approach I make, is that of being very intimate with a friend of his, who fully admits knowing him, but under strict injunction not to disclose him.

I find that very few people have even heard of the volume.

Ever yours affy. | H Holland

Charles Darwin Esqr

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Henry Holland, 27 January [1868] (Correspondence vol. 16).
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    The enclosure was an article on species of plants that had colonised land cleared for planting at Tatton Park, Cheshire (Hurst and Carter 1867); there is a copy in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection--CUL.
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    The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society was founded in 1781; for more on its history, see Hayhurst 1967. In the Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester, Holland is listed as a corresponding member, elected in 1812 (see, for example, ibid. 3d ser. 2 (1865), Council of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester (1864)).
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    The reference is to The Darwinian theory of the transmutation of species examined by a graduate of the University of Cambridge by Robert Mackenzie Beverley ([Beverley] 1867; see letter to Charles Kingsley, 13 December [1867] and n. 6).
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