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Letter 571

Darwin, C. R. to Herbert, J. M.

[after 5 June 1840]

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    Writes to find whether the date of the event [JMH's marriage?] has been fixed.

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    Has been unwell and does not yet feel up to work.


Maer Hall | Newcastle Stafford

My dear Herbert,

I am so curious to hear a little news of you & your affairs, that I cannot resist begging you to send me a line & tell me, whether the date &c &c of the event, are fixed— When I saw you, you could tell me nothing.— Now be a good man & send me a note & just tell me, what has been fixed & that you are very well.—

We shall remain in the country (at Shrewsbury & here) for some weeks longer.— I am getting better, though rather slowly & as I do not yet feel up to work, I dont care how long I stay in the country.

Do comply with my request my good old Herbert & believe me, with my hearty good wishes & renewed congratulations | your sincere friend, | Charles Darwin

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    Probably a reference to Herbert's forthcoming marriage to Mary-Anne Johnes of Lower Garthmyl, Montgomeryshire. It took place on 13 August 1840 (Gentleman's Magazine n.s. 14 (1840): 423).
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    CD stayed at Maer until November (‘Journal’; Correspondence vol. 2, Appendix II). He was ill a good part of the summer.
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