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Letter 5626

Mueller, F. J. H. von to Darwin, C. R.

8 Oct 1867

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    Forwards answers from Charles Walter to some of CD's queries about expression.


12 Septbr 67

Lieber Herr Doctor.

To Charles Darwin Esq. with Ferd Muellers best salutation 8/10/67.



12 September 67


Dear Doctor.

Saturday the 7th I arrived here on my tour to Mount Buller; on Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing clearly and distinctly this majestic mountain covered with snow; we have unfortunately had rain every day since and these alpine mountains have been enveloped in clouds. I plan to stay in this area for a couple of weeks, to climb Mt Buller and Timbertop and to photograph some views, should a good opportunity arise. The reason for these lines is to thank you warmly for your kind support and advice in the planning of this tour. When in the Mount Buller Range, I will not fail to direct my attention to the lichens and fungi, and if I can be of service to your department in any other way during my stay here, please let me know. In response to Mr Chs Darwin's queries that I forwarded to the missionary station in Framlingham, just 8 days ago I received the answer that the indigenous peoples there are too much in contact with the poorer (low) class of Europeans, and he therefore cannot answer the queries. Mrs Green (Green) of Coranderrk Station has written the following to me today, as per your instructions:

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    Mueller wrote this in the margin of Charles Walter's letter to him. CD had asked Mueller to forward a handwritten list of his queries about expression to missionaries or colonists who might be in contact with Aborigines (see letter to Ferdinand von Mueller, 28 February [1867]; the queries are transcribed as an enclosure to that letter).
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    For a translation of the German portion of the letter, see Appendix II.
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    Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia, is about 150 miles north-east of Melbourne.
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    Timbertop is a mountain adjacent to Mount Buller.
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    Mueller was director of the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne.
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    Walter refers to CD's queries on expression (see n. 1, above). Framlingham, a settlement near Warrnambool, Victoria, became a mission in 1865, when the Central Board for the Protection of Aborigines gave permission to the Church of England Mission to the Aborigines of Victoria to occupy the site (Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia).
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    Mary Green was the wife of the superintendent of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station near Healesville, Victoria (Barwick 1972, p. 23; Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia). CD acknowledged her contribution in Expression, p. 20.
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    The native population of Coranderrk was composed of members of the five tribes of the Kulin confederacy, the Woiwurrung, Jajowrong, Bunurong, Wudthaurung, and Taungerong (see Barwick 1972, pp. 18--25). In 1868, the Kulin population included sixteen half-castes (Barwick 1972, p. 35). Lubra: an Aboriginal woman (Chambers).
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    Mansfield, Victoria.
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