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Letter 562

Darwin, C. R. to Geological Society

28 Mar [1840]

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    Feels he has no choice but to comply with the request of Council that he remain in office. Is reluctant to do so as his health has caused him to miss meetings and he has never once attended without suffering the next day. Cannot hold office beyond next anniversary meeting.


12 Upper Gower St

Saturday Morn. | March 28th

My dear Sir

I feel that I have no choice in complying with the request of the Council, which you have communicated to me in so very kind a manner, of remaining in the office, which at present I have the honour to hold.— I confess, however, it is with considerable reluctance, that I do this. Since receiving your letter, I have seen Mr Lyell and he tells me, he informed you, and the members of the Council, what I had frequently mentioned to him, the regret I felt at the necessity of tendering my resignation. But, as I had not been able to attend in my place during the last four meetings & saw no early prospect of doing so, and as during the last year I assure you, I have never once attended, without having suffered the next day, I felt that I had no other course to pursue.—

Under the arrangements, you have made, I will certainly attend as often as my health permits, but I beg you will have the kindness to bear in mind, that I am still anxious to resign, should you find anyone to occupy my place, & that I cannot hold the office, which although so honourable to me, I have found very irksome, beyond the next anniversary.—

With thanks for your kind expressions regarding my health. | Believe me | My dear Sir | Your's very sincerely | Chas. Darwin

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    On 8 April this letter was read to the Council and CD was recorded as ‘agreeing to hold the Office of Secretary until the next Anniversary.—’ (Geological Society Archives (CM1/5)).
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