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Letter 553

Darwin, C. R. to Smith, Elder & Co. & Folthorp, Mr

[6 Feb 1840]

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    Sends MS [of Coral reefs?] to be copied.


12 Upper Gower St

Dear Sir

Being unwell yesterday, I did not read your note.— But I will make up for lost time as quickly as I can, by at once sending off the M.S.— Please not to let it go from you.—till you hear or see me— The enclosed will serve as a specimen.— I wish to know the cost per thousand, words —I providing Paper.—

Yours truly | Chas. Darwin

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    f1 553.f1
    Date inserted by Folthorp.
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    f2 553.f2
    Possibly the manuscript of a part of the Zoology or of Coral reefs, which CD had been writing since October 1838, with many interruptions due to ill health.
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    f3 553.f3
    On the recto of this letter is noted ‘Pages 1 to 40 given to Mr Herring’ and on the verso ‘Darwin with MS to copy’. CD's Account Book (Down House MS) has an entry on 19 February 1840: ‘Mr Herring Poetry 2/6’. No other payment is listed in later entries, which suggests that the copyist was paid by Smith, Elder & Co., the publishers of the Zoology and Coral reefs.
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