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Letter 5514

Darwin, C. R. to Hooker, J. D.

25 [Apr 1867]

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    Has sent JDH's Genera plantarum to Fritz Müller who finds it useful and offers to supply JDH with Brazilian plants.




My dear Hooker

I was very much grieved at your not appearing on Sunday. I sincerely hope you did not fail on account of the baby.

You were so kind as to offer your bed in Paris to our boys. Is the offer yet open? & for how long? Can you also tell us where they cd get additional beds & how live as cheaply as you said.

I sent to Fritz Müller in S. Brazil yr Genera Plantarum—which he has found extremely useful. He says he observes that you have not examined the seeds of Schizolobium & Norantea & he says he should have much pleasure in supplying you with any specimens of S. Brazilian plants.

Can you spare me a copy of yr. Insular Floras for I should like to send him one from you as I am sure he would appreciate it.

It was a very gt. disappointment to me not seeing you on Sunday.

Yrs affectionately | C. Darwin

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from J. D. Hooker, 13 April 1867.
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    Hooker had planned to visit Down from Saturday 20 to Monday 22 April; Hooker's son Reginald Hawthorn Hooker, born in January 1867, had been ill (see letter from J. D. Hooker, 13 April 1867).
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    See letter from J. D. Hooker, 13 April 1867. Hooker was attending the Paris exhibition as a juror (Gardeners' Chronicle, 6 April 1867, p. 348).
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    See letter from Fritz Müller, 4 March 1867. CD had offered to send Fritz Müller a copy of the first two parts of Hooker and George Bentham's Genera plantarum (Bentham and Hooker 1862--83) in his letter of 23 August [1866] (Correspondence vol. 14).
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    See letter to Fritz Müller, 22 April [1867] and n. 12.
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