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Letter 5510

Parker, Francis to Darwin, C. R.

22 Apr 1867

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    Sends £600 bequeathed by Susan Darwin to CD's younger children.


39, Watergate Street, | Chester.

22nd. April | 1867

Dear Uncle Charles

You are probably aware that Aunt Susan left each of your younger children a Legacy of £100 on the other side I send you an extract from her Will, and I now enclose you a Bankers order for £600— I think it will be more convenient that you should receive the Legacies and invest the amount in one sum and you can pay it to each as they come of age—

Perhaps you will have the goodness to write me a letter stating that you have received the amount of their Legacies on their behalves

I am | Yours very sincerely | Francis Parker

Charles Darwin Esqre.

Down Bromley Kent.

Extract from the Will of the late Miss Susan Elizabeth Darwin dated 1st. November 1865—

``I give and bequeath to my nephews George Howard Darwin, Francis Darwin   Leonard Darwin, and Horace Darwin and my nieces Henrietta Emma Darwin and Elizabeth Darwin (the younger sons and daughters of my Brother Charles Robert Darwin) One hundred pounds each''—

I send you in a separate cover the Undermentioned Legacy receipts for signature—

Value Geo. Howard Darwin …  100 Francis Darwin &lldots; . 100 Leonard Darwin &lldots; . 100 Horace Darwin . &lldots;  100 Henrietta Emma Darwin …  100 Elizabeth Darwin &lldots; . . 100

Chas. Robt. Darwin

(Specific Legacy— a portrait

of Miss Darwins father—valued

at £4—)

Henrietta Emma Darwin

(a Silver Tea Urn—valued

at £28.2.6)—

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    f1 5510.f1
    Susan Elizabeth Darwin, CD's sister, died in October 1866 (see Correspondence vol. 14). Henry Parker (1827/8--92) and his brother Francis were the executors of her will (Susan Elizabeth Darwin's will, Probate Registry, York).
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    f2 5510.f2
    Robert Waring Darwin.
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