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Letter 550

Darwin, C. R. to Hall, Basil

[7 Jan 1840]

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    CD regrets inconvenience caused by his having Royal Geographical Society's copy of Krusenstern's Atlas [de l'océan Pacifique (1824–7)]. Locates Sulphur Island from it.


12 Upper Gower St


My dear Sir

I am sorry that I have caused you any inconvenience by having Krusentern's atlas in my possession.—

Sulphur Isld is laid down in the chart of the Loo Choo Archipelago in

27o 56' N

128 . 27' E. of Greenwich. (as near as I can take the degrees off with compasses) There is, also, in the general chart of the northern Pacific a Sulphur Rock (Position Doubtful) in 31o 28' N. and 142o 18' E. Greenwich—

There is (in the plan of Japan and adjacent islands) a “I. du Volcan”, in 30o 44' N. 130o 24' E of Greenwich as near as I can take them with compasses which would give nearly the same longitude, when corrected to Paris obser; as that you mention.— I have an indistinct recollection that this isld was formerly called Sulphur isld

I presume you will find a full account of Krusentern's authority for these positions in his memoir of 1827—which I have not here, but is at the Geograph. Soc.

Believe me | very truly yours | Chas. Darwin

P.S.| Of course if you want Krusentern, I will return it immediately.—

I believe there is a copy at the Admiralty should you want to see it, before I can return that belonging to the Soc.

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    f1 550.f1
    Dated from a notation by Hall.
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    f2 550.f2
    Krusenstern 1824–7a.
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    f3 550.f3
    Krusenstern 1824–7b, vol. 2.
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