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Letter 5494

Oliver, Daniel to Darwin, C. R.

8 Apr 1867

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    Arrangements for obtaining Carl Nägeli a set of British Hieracium specimens.


Royal Gardens Kew

8 April 67

My dear Sir,

Mrs Hooker has put your note into my hands referring to Naegeli & Hieracia.

The difficulty about them is this that hardly anyone has a good set of the peculiar Highland forms excepting Mr James Backhouse Jr of York & the few to whom he has communicated specimens & I doubt if he would undertake to make up a set for Naegeli.

Mr Baker of the Kew Herbarium has a fair collection of British Hieracia (he has himself published a fasciculus of Teesdale or No. Yorks. species) & he would be glad either to lend Naegeli his collection entire—or to make him up a set of duplicates so far as his stores allow. He has a good set of French critical species but these proby. N. has already from Jordan &c.

Baker thinks neither Babington nor Watson likely to be able to help—at any rate in the way of giving N. a set.

I shd. have mentioned that Dr Hooker is at Paris—a Juror

Ever sincerely yrs | Danl. Oliver

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    Oliver refers to Frances Harriet Hooker, Carl Wilhelm von Nägeli, and the letter to J. D. Hooker, 5 April [1867].
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    Backhouse published his Monograph of the British Hieracia in 1856 (Backhouse 1856). Nägeli wanted to exchange a set of German and Alpine species of Hieracium (hawkweeds) for a complete set of British species (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 5 April [1867]).
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    John Gilbert Baker was an assistant in the Kew herbarium; he published on the botany of North Yorkshire, including Hieracium, in Baker and Nowell 1854 and Baker 1863. Oliver also refers to the French botanist Alexis Jordan.
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    CD had suggested applying to Charles Cardale Babington or Hewett Cottrell Watson; see letter to J. D. Hooker, 5 April [1867].
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    Joseph Dalton Hooker was a juror for seeds and saplings of forest trees at the Paris exhibition (Gardeners' Chronicle, 6 April 1867, p. 348).
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