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Letter 5336

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

[c. Aug 1867?]

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    Thanks CD for his interesting papers.


Adderly Rectory2 | Market Drayton | Salop

My dear Sir

I beg to thank you very much for your very interesting papers. I fortunately possess all the Vols of Gard: Chron: so I shall be able to refer to the papers at any time.

I am very anxious to see your book: & indeed, ordered it some months back, thinking it was out; as I met with an advertt. of it. I hope also to read the new Edn. of the ``Origin of Species'' when I get back to town.

Very faithfully yours | Geo Henslow

C. Darwin Esq

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    The date is conjectured from the address and the narrow mourning border, which also appear on the letter from George Henslow, 15 August 1867.
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    The incumbent of Adderley Rectory from 1863 was Athelstan Corbet; he and Henslow had been contemporaries at Cambridge University.
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    CD published numerous notes and queries in the Gardeners' Chronicle from 1841 onwards (see Calendar, pp. 583--4).
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    Henslow probably refers to Variation: Variation had been advertised as early as 1865 (Reader, 15 April 1865, p. 427).
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    Henslow probably refers to the fourth edition of Origin, which was published in November 1866 (Publishers' Circular).
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