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Letter 5335

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, Emma

[before 3 Mar 1868?]

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    Will be glad to see her on 4th.

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    Thinks Hensleigh is getting better, very slowly.


Dear Emma

There are 3 other places that Charles ought to initial, one in the same paragraph & 2 in the one below.

I am very glad to hear that you are thinking of coming & shall be most happy to see you the day you propose the 4th. I suppose Hensleigh is undoubtedly getting better but it a very slow process & the account that I hear every day is `just the same' but by the end of the week he seems better.

yours affec | E D

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    The date is conjectured from visits of Henrietta Emma Darwin, and CD and Emma Darwin to London (see n. 3, below), and from Hensleigh Wedgwood's poor health (see n. 4, below).
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    The document needing signatures has not been identified.
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    Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242) records that Henrietta went to London on 4 February 1867, and CD and Emma on 13 February 1867; CD and Emma may have intended to visit earlier with Henrietta.
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    Hensleigh Wedgwood's illness is also mentioned in the letter from J. D. Hooker, 4 February 1867, and the letter to J. D. Hooker, 8 February [1867].
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