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Letter 5304

Corbet, Eleanor to Darwin, C. R.

13 Dec 1866

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    Mr Corbet too ill to write. Thanks for CD's letter [see 5290].


Dear Mr. Darwin

Mr. Corbet does not like yr kind letter to remain unnoticed, and therefore I promise to write and thank you for it, & at the same time I am to tell you, that tho' something better than he has been, yet he is so far from well that he does not feel equal to dictating a letter—

Irritation of the mucous membrane is thought to be the cause of his distressing sensations, & there is no doubt that a very great deal is done by the strictest care in diet—& we endeavor as far as possible to get him to persevere in exercising every precaution.

He desires to send his best regards & believe me dear Mr. Darwin | Yrs. very truly | Eleanor Corbet

Headington Hill | Oxford

Dec. 13th | 1866

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    Richard Corbet.
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    CD's letter has not been found, but see the letter to Anne Marsh-Caldwell, 1 December [1866]. On hearing of the improvement in CD's health, Richard Corbet wanted to know what diet CD's doctor had recommended (see letter from Anne Marsh-Caldwell, 27 November [1866]).
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