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Letter 5252

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

[21 Oct 1866]

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    Anxious to make acquaintance of Ernst Haeckel [who was staying with CD].


High Elms

My dear Mr. Darwin

I cannot very well come up to Down this afternoon.

You will I am sure be tired & must not overdo yourself. I wish you would send Haeckel down here to dinner & I would send him over to the station if he must go to night, or give him a bed & take him up in the morning if he could stay till then.

Believe me | Yours most sincerely | John Lubbock

Pray tell him I am very anxious to make his acquaintance.


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    The date is established by the reference to Ernst Haeckel's visit to CD, which took place on Sunday 21 October 1866 (Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242)).
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    There is no evidence that Haeckel visited Lubbock.
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