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Letter 5205

Innes, J. B. to Darwin, C. R.

1 Sept [1867]

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    Recommends a tutor for CD's son.



1st. Septr

Dear Darwin

I found out the name of the tutor I mentioned to you about whom you may think it worth while to enquire. I only knew him by reputation, not personally.

Revd. C. Bradley

? Hatfield

I am not sure of his parish but it joins on to Colney Hatch—Eastward and is a short walk from the C Hatch station— You will find it on a map at once—

I am off to the north tomorrow night and hope to be home to lunch on Tuesday

I hope Horsman will stay quietly, at least for the year he has promised: and that you will continue to like him—

Faithfully Yours | J Brodie Innes

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    The year is established by the reference to Samuel James O'Hara Horsman (see n. 5, below).
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    Charles Bradley.
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    Colney Hatch station was in the north London suburban area (Post Office London suburban directory). The station is now called New Southgate.
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    Innes's home was at Milton Brodie, near Forres, Scotland (DNB).
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    Horsman was curate at Down for part of 1867 and 1868; he had recently arrived to take up the post (J. H. Moore 1985, pp. 470, 477). According to Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242), Horsman visited on 2 September 1867.
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