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Letter 52

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

[29 Oct 1828]

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    Has met Frederick William Hope, the entomologist; relates F. W. Hope's praise of CD's collection and his generous offer of assistance.




My dear Fox

I should have answered your letter before this, but when you know the reason, you will say it is a good one.— But first, I must grieve over the loss both of your hawk & stuffed birds the first is the most serious one, but I cannot help grudging the fate of the others, as one gets a sort of affection for anything procured by one own self: I go to Cambridge on Thursday, & shall arrive there on Friday evening, & I hope it will not be long before you are there, & now for the glorious news. I have been introduced, & if I may presume to say so, struck up a friendship with Mr. Hope: I met him at dinner, & I find he knows all my Scotch friends, & we had so much entomological talk, that he asked me bring over all my insects to Netley. When we meet I will tell you the result, but I must mention, what he said, that for 4 or 5 years back, he had not seen such a rich case collected in one year yours must be still richer: I hope you had all the duplicates of carabi taken at Barmouth, as most are very rare, & some new he believes he is a perfect specimen of an Entomologist, so generous, straitforward. I could not prevail upon him to have any new ones, except 2 flies, he believes both new to England. My head is quite full of Entomology. I long to empty some information out of it into yours.— He thinks he can give me 3 or 400 speci<es> at Christmas. the other day he sent 700 to Dr Fleming. In the spring he wants me to come an expedition, all over the Welch mountains & he insures me to find many new insects. I could write all day about him; but I long to see you! he has given me a great many water beettles.

Yours affectionat, | Ch Darwin

Catherine sends something more than her love to Julia, & entreats she will write soon.

I suppose you will soon be up at Xst. Coll: as the delightful! mornings! at the Priory are come to end.—

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    f1 52.f1
    Frederick William Hope.
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    f2 52.f2
    Netley Hall, the Hope family seat, about 5 miles south of Shrewsbury.
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    f3 52.f3
    Probably John Fleming.
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    f4 52.f4
    Breadsall Priory, near Derby, home of Elizabeth Collier Darwin, widow of CD's grandfather Erasmus.
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