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Letter 5115

Darwin, C. R. to Rivers, Thomas

8 June [1866]

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    Examined the Cytisus and forwarded to Caspary. The C. adami case "gets more and more perplexing", asks for report if Cytisus purpureus-elongatus produces any pods.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

June 8th

My dear Sir

I thank you most cordially for the Cytisus, after examining which I forwarded to Prof. Caspary at Kœnigsberg; so you have killed two birds with one act of kindness. The C. adami case gets more & more perplexing. I wish your experiments with the buds of the Negundo had succeeded.— If you will not think me an insufferable bore, I wish you wd. observe whether Cytisus purpureus-elongatus produces any pods & inform me:—

With many thanks | My dear Sir | Yours very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Thomas Rivers, 6 June 1866.
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    See letter from Thomas Rivers, 6 June 1866. CD was interested in Robert Caspary's research on Cytisus adami (now +Laburnocytisus adami). See letter to Thomas Rivers, 27 April [1866] and n. 4.
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    See letter from Thomas Rivers, 6 June 1866 and n. 3. CD cited Rivers on the transmission of colour from the bud of a purple-leaved hazel to a rootstock of the common green-leaved hazel in Variation 1: 395.
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    See letter from Thomas Rivers, 6 June 1866 and n. 2. In Variation 1: 388--90, CD discussed the viability of ovules and pollen in Cytisus hybrids, and reported a case of a sterile hybrid of Cytisus purpureus and C. elongatus that had been described by Alexander Carl Heinrich Braun (see Braun 1853, p. xxiii).
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