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Letter 5095

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

18 May 1866

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    Has written his Naudin–hybridism article [Pop. Sci. Rev. 5 (1866): 304–13]. Would like CD to criticise proofs.

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    Will return books borrowed from CD.


10 South Crescent | Bedford Square | W.C.

May 18/66

Dear Mr. Darwin

I have at last written my article on Hybridism for the Popular Science Review, & have much to thank you for so kindly lending me yr books &c. on the subject. I will forward them to the address given to me within a few days.

I have wanted to ask you whether you would mind running over the proof sheet (about 8 pp.) so that you might give me a hint or two as to any passage you might think objectionable, or any statement too positively asserted &c, as being a subject I knew nothing about previously, I might have been led into making some wrong or hazardous statement. If however, ill health, time &c. should prevent you, pray do not hesitate a moment in saying so & obliging

Yours faithfully | Geo. Henslow.

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    In his letter of 8 March 1866, Henslow had informed CD of his intention to write on Charles Victor Naudin's research on hybridity. The article appeared in Popular Science Review 5 (1866): 304--13 (Henslow 1866b).
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    Henslow had asked CD for references to relevant works on hybridism. See letter from George Henslow, 12 March 1866 and n. 1.
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    CD returned the proof-sheet with his letter to Henslow of 12 June [1866].
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