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Letter 5042

Darwin, C. R. to Kippist, Richard

31 Mar [1866]

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    Asks [Secretary] to list the proper titles of foreign societies of which he is an honorary member; he has mislaid diplomas.


Down Bromley | Kent

March 31

My dear Sir

Will you have kindness to grant me a favour. I have been for some time elected Honorary member of a few foreign Societies, & as I see everyone gives their titles in list of members I shd like to do so; but I have mislaid most of the diplomas, & do not know how they shd. be called. Will you have the kindness to enter them in proper fashion, & then pass on the list to the Royal Soc. for its list of members

I am honorary member of the Royal Soc. of Berlin, =``Regia Scientarum academica Suecica'' (which I suppose is same as Stockholm of which I am member) =Regia Scient. Soc. Upsalensis= =Nat. Cæs. Cur.= =Neuchatel, (but probably this is not usually specified)— Philadelphia= & Edinburgh.=

By accident I have got two copies of little Book by Rütimeyer, so send one for Library of Linn. Soc.—

My dear Sir | Yours sincerely | Ch. Darwin

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    f1 5042.f1
    CD refers to the List of the Linnean Society of London.
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    f2 5042.f2
    CD mentioned that he had lost several of his diplomas in his letter to J. D. Hooker, 22 December [1865] (Correspondence vol. 13); in his reply of [23] December 1865, Joseph Dalton Hooker told CD that Kippist was responsible for maintaining the list of the Linnean Society's members that included their titles and diplomas. CD's extant diplomas are in DAR 229.
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    f3 5042.f3
    CD refers to the List of the Royal Society.
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    f4 5042.f4
    CD was elected a corresponding member of the Königliche-Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences), Berlin, in 1863. See Correspondence vol. 11, Appendix III.
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    f5 5042.f5
    CD was elected a foreign member of the Regia Scientiarum Academia Svecica (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) in Stockholm in 1865. See Correspondence vol. 13, Appendix III.
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    f6 5042.f6
    CD was elected a fellow of the Regia Scientiarum Societas Upsaliensis (Royal Society of Sciences of Upsala) in 1860 (LL 3: 376; DAR 229: 2).
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    f7 5042.f7
    CD was elected a member of the Academia Caesarea Leopoldino-Carolina Naturae Curiosorum of Dresden in 1857. See Correspondence vol. 6.
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    f8 5042.f8
    CD was elected a corresponding member of the Société des Sciences Naturelles de Neuchâtel in 1863. See Correspondence vol. 11.
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    f9 5042.f9
    CD was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia in 1860. See Correspondence vol. 8.
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    f10 5042.f10
    CD was elected an honorary member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1865 (see Correspondence vol. 13, Appendix III). CD held a number of other honorary memberships; these are listed in LL 3: 373--6, and in Freeman 1977, pp. 107--10.
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    f11 5042.f11
    The reference is probably to Rütimeyer 1863. CD's annotated copy is in the Darwin Library--CUL (see Marginalia 1: 718).
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