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Letter 5037

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

[18–30 Mar 1866]

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    Cannot come to Down on weekend because of teaching duties.


10 South Crescent | Bedford Sq | W.C.

My dear Sir,

I beg to thank you for your kind letter; I should much like to have been able to accede to your proposal but my duties here forbid my availing myself of them: for I not only have a botanical class every Saty. evening, but am engaged every Sunday at St Stephens Westr. so that I could not possible go to Down on a Saturday: so that if still agreeable to you I will come on April 2.

Yours very truly | Geo. Henslow

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    The date range is established from the relationship between this letter and the letter from George Henslow, 17 March [1866], and from the assumption that CD had invited Henslow for a Saturday before 2 April. In 1866, the last Saturday before 2 April was 31 March.
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    CD's letter to Henslow has not been found.
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    Henslow probably refers to the botanical lectures that he gave at the Royal Institution on Saturdays in March 1866 (see letter from George Henslow, 12 March 1866 and n. 2); he was also headmaster of the Grammar School, Store Street, London (R. Desmond 1994), and may have given botanical classes there. Henslow probably also refers to St Stephen's Church, Rochester Row, Westminster.
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    See letter from George Henslow, 12 March 1866 and n. 3.
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