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Letter 5033

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

12 Mar 1866

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    Thanks for references for his Naudin–hybridism paper [see 5029].


10 South Crescent | Bedford Sq | W.C.

Mch 12/66

My dear Sir,

I beg to thank you very much for your kind offer of a bed, which I shall be very thankful to accept, that I may not be compelled to run away so soon: & I am, indeed, rejoiced to hear you are so much better. I must thank you also for your valuable suggestions & references as to papers on Hybridism.—

I am busy just now with a course of lectures (4) at Royal Institution, I enclose a Syllabus.—

If Easter Monday would be convenient to you; (April 2) I shall be very happy to come & see you on that day.—

Yours very truly | G Henslow.

Very many thanks for the copy of the tendril paper.—

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    CD's letter to Henslow has not been found. Henslow had asked CD for references to works on hybridism for a paper he was writing on Charles Victor Naudin's research on hybridity, and had suggested that he might visit CD at Easter; see letter from George Henslow, 8 March 1866 and n. 5.
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    The syllabus has not been found and was not enclosed (see letter from George Henslow, 17 March [1866]). Henslow gave four lectures on structural and systematic botany `considered with reference to education & self-instruction' at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Saturdays between 3 and 24 March 1866 (Greenaway ed. 1976, 12: 123, 126).
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    Henslow was a dinner guest at Down on 2 April 1866 (Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242)).
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    f4 5033.f4
    `Climbing plants'. See letter from George Henslow, 8 March 1866 and n. 4.
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