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Letter 4992

Darwin, C. R. to Rolle, Friedrich

1 Feb [1866]

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    Thanks for all five numbers of Der Mensch [1866].

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    Had not known that Rütimeyer had written on modification of species.


Down Bromley Kent

Feb 1

My dear Sir

I have received safely all five numbers of your work ``Der Mensch'' & your obliging note of Jan. 28. I have not as yet had time to do more than turn over the pages of the four latter numbers; nor shall I be able for some little time, as my health is weak, but when I do read them I have no doubt I shall find interesting matter, & I thank you sincerely for sending them to me.

Your letter contained several points new to me. I was not aware that Rütimeier for whom I feel much respect, had ever expressed himself on the subject of the modification of species. I am sorry to hear what you tell me about Dr Weinland & Jager I am not at all surprized at what you say about disagreeing with me on some points, for no two men cd think independently on so complex a subject without differing to a certain extent

With my best thanks for your kindness pray believe me my dear Sir | yours very faithfully | Ch. Darwin

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    f1 4992.f1
    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Friedrich Rolle, 28 January 1866.
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    f2 4992.f2
    CD refers to Rolle 1866 and the letter from Friedrich Rolle, 28 January 1866.
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    f3 4992.f3
    CD refers to Ludwig Rütimeyer; see letter from Friedrich Rolle, 28 January 1866 and n. 11.
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    f4 4992.f4
    CD refers to David Friedrich Weinland and Gustav Jäger; see letter from Friedrich Rolle, 28 January 1866 and nn. 8--10.
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    f5 4992.f5
    See letter from Friedrich Rolle, 28 January 1866 and nn. 3 and 4.
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